Donation Update : Through the Darkness

Donation Update

by Cypher Lx on 08/06/12

As promised, I am giving an update on my goal to donate to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children through the sales of Christmas Evil.  Sadly, there have only been two sales so far. One through Kindle and one through Nook. I have had other sales for Darkest Before Dawn and Salt Bowl Death, but these novels are not being used to raise money for the cause.  So as of right now, I have raised only about $2. If you add in the Kindle copy I downloaded myself to make sure the formatting was right, that makes it about $3.  As of right now, I will have to carry over that amount until I meet my goal of $100 to donate to NCMEC.  I can only assume that with everyone in summer mode, no one is really thinking of Christmas, hence the slow sales. Please spread the word about Christmas Evil. I can't do this without your help.


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