Salt Bowl Death

A prehistoric bacterium has devastated the Old West, causing a plague that brings the infected back from death with a craving for human flesh.  People are terrified of The Reaper, but are more than willing to pay for his services.  Ann, a Soiled Dove, is running from her past and directly into The Reaper's path.  Can the town of Fortuna, Arizona survive the secrets that unfold?  Or will the walking dead kill them first?
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Darkest Before Dawn: Throughout the Night Series, Volume One

Photography student and Goth girl Elissa Greyfield has suffered more family tragedy than anyone should endure.  The most recent event changed her career path from artist to Homicide Detective.  Her partner, Detective Sean Winters, is the closest thing she has to family and he is less than pleased when she begins a relationship with a stranger while a serial killer is on the loose.  Will she be able to solve the crimes...or is she destined to be the next victim?
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Christmas Evil

What if the songs and tales of Santa Claus are all lies? What if they were created to cover up the true horror of the holiday season? Each year, thousands of children go missing, never to be seen again. 
The terrifying truth of Christmas is here.

Have you been naughty or nice?

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A portion of the proceeds from this book will be donated to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

The Cold of Night: Throughout the Night Series, Volume Two
A work in progress, The Cold of Night continues the story of Darkest Before Dawn from Detective Winters' point of view.

Sinister Reflections:
A work in progress.

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