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Paranormal Romance

by Cypher Lx on 07/19/11

19 July 2011


Over the past few weeks I have been trying to catch up on my reading.  Typically, if I like a book, I can plow through it in a day or two.  Like I've said before, I am a very avid reader.  While I may have some misgivings such as the ones I have voiced in The Men of Romance blog, I do still read paranormal romance.  Many of the series that are out there have incredibly amazing and intricate plotlines.  I'm going to write about a few of my favorites here because I am certain there are others who read this that will also love the following books.

The first is the Midnight Breed series by Lara Adrian. There are currently nine novels in this series with a tenth coming next year.  I have to admit, I am very impatient for the next one to come out.  But let's start from the beginning.  To anyone who knows me well, it's no secret that I am vampire obsessed.  Fortunately, there are others out there like myself who share in this obsession.  That's how I found out about this series.  Lara Adrian created a fantastic world where the vampires have a much different origin than the norm, which is one of the many reasons why I like her books.  It does take some getting used to, but it's a fascinating theory.  Of course, I'm not going to share this detail because it would spoil all the fun.  Each Midnight Breed novel focuses on a different Breed male.  You get to know them on a very personal level which brings each character to life.  Another thing I like?  These men have flaws.  They aren't perfect.  Adrian also introduces the other Breed males from the beginning so you are left guessing who the next book is about for the most part.  If you pay attention to the story, however, you can figure it out pretty quickly.  But it's never a sure thing until you hear about it.  Here are Lara Adrian's Midnight Breed books in order:

Kiss of Midnight

Kiss of Crimson

Midnight Awakening

Midnight Rising

Veil of Midnight

Ashes of Midnight

Shades of Midnight

Taken By Midnight

Deeper Than Midnight

Darker After Midnight (not yet released)

The next series that I absolutely love is The Black Dagger Brotherhood by J. R. Ward. This series also has a much different take on vampire creation.  But where in Midnight Breed it's just the males that are vampires, The Black Dagger Brotherhood has both male and female vampires.  The Brotherhood is an elite group of warriors who utilize specific weaponry.  Again, the males have flaws, which makes for more interesting reading.  In these novels, Ward doesn't write like many other authors.  There is a very distinct style to her writing which takes a little adjustment on the reader's part, but adds to the feel of the ongoing storyline.  I have read every single one and enjoyed them all.  As of yet, there is no news of what the next novel will be. Here is the list of J.R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood books in order:

Dark Lover

Lover Eternal

Lover Awakened

Lover Revealed

Lover Unbound

Lover Enshrined

Lover Avenged

Lover Mine

Lover Unleashed

Father Mine (related novella to the series)

Another excellent series is the Lords of the Underworld by Gena Showalter.  This is not a vampire series, surprisingly enough.  The series is based strongly on Greek mythology and Pandora's Box.  This is much different from anything else that I have read.  It's hard to describe without giving away too much, but I'll try.  Imagine if the demons in Pandora's box were let loose.  When they can't be put back in the box, they are each placed in a different person.  These are the Lords of the Underworld.  Besides having their own thoughts to deal with, they also have the demon that resides inside them niggling at their brains and dictating certain aspects of their lives.  I have not yet gotten through all of the current books, but I can tell you that Showalter allows plenty of mystical entities to use this series as their playground.  Here is the list of Gena Showalter's Lords of the Underworld in order:

The Darkest Fire (prequel to the series)

The Darkest Night

The Darkest Kiss

The Darkest Pleasure

The Darkest Prison

The Darkest Whisper

Into the Dark

The Darkest Angel

The Darkest Passion

The Darkest Lie

The Darkest Secret

The Darkest Surrender

The Darkest Seduction

Lastly, is the Scanguards Vampires series by Tina Folsom.  Yes, that's right.  Back to vampires.  Currently there are only four books in this series, but there is another on its way this winter.  The vampires are pretty much the traditional kind with some variation, but it doesn't make the books any less entertaining to read.  Folsom adds other mystical and mythical creatures into the mix for some variety.  In these books, some vampires work for a nationwide security company called Scanguards which protects those with large amounts of money such as celebrities and politicians.  Instead of a continuing plotline, Folsom uses each book as its own story with the characters and the Scanguards company tying it all together.  She also has a series called Venice Vampyr which I have not read yet.  Here are Tina Folsom's Scanguards Vampires books in order:

Samson's Lovely Mortal

Amaury's Hellion

Gabriel's Mate

Yvette's Haven

Now...with that all said, these are romance novels.  They contain explicit material.  Tina Folsom's books actually come with a warning beforehand stating as much. So, while Midnight Breed, Black Dagger Brotherhood, Lords of the Underworld, and Scanguards Vampires are all wonderfully written, be prepared for intense sexual descriptions.  Otherwise, enjoy reading these as much as I have.



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