Sneak Preview of Christmas Evil : Through the Darkness

Sneak Preview of Christmas Evil

by Cypher Lx on 06/19/12

19 June 2012

I'm currently in the final stages of formatting Christmas Evil for publication. What had started as my second NaNoWriMo project became more than I hoped for. The idea behind it was made in jest during Dragon*Con and was simply going to be a fun thing to do.  NaNoWriMo built the basic structure of the novel, but I realized I could make it into something worthwhile (at least, I hope so).  After doing a lot of historical research as well as various Christmas legends, Christmas Evil evolved. I am truly excited about this and wanted to give you all a sneak preview.  Here it is:

Laughter echoed through the air.  Children’s laughter.  But it sounded maniacal, almost evil.  Angela found herself walking toward the orphanage she volunteered at with the Sisters.  It was late at night.  Why would the children still be awake?  As she approached the door, a chill went down her spine.  She shouldn’t go in.  Something was horribly wrong.  But her hand went out to the door knob anyway and as it twisted, she realized it was unlocked.  It shouldn’t be unlocked, she thought.  As Angela wandered through the darkened first floor, the laughter came again, only closer.  Toys were scattered on the floor and she was careful not to trip over them as she made her way up the stairs.  She stopped midway when she felt her shoe slip on something that was coating the tread.  Looking down, she saw a dark, thick liquid beneath her.  She refused to imagine what it might be and continued more slowly up each step.  Peeking between the rails at the top, she could see the entire second floor, which was one large room that served as a community bedroom.  Child-like figures ran about the room like little elves prancing about and laughing as if they were playing some kind of game.  The orphans she had come to know were sleeping soundly in their beds, she thought, until she saw glazed over eyes staring directly at her from the closest bed.  The little boy’s arm was dangling off the edge and dripping blood onto the floor, tiny bite marks marring his pale skin.  Angela covered her mouth with her hand to stifle a scream.  The boy had reminded Angela of her sister a little because of his tendency to rebel.  But he didn’t deserve this.  One of the wicked little creatures lapped up the blood that had pooled beneath him.  It was when she redirected her gaze that she saw two more sets of eyes staring at her.  Her sister Gina, and the thing that had stolen her.  The demon held another child in its grasp, its teeth buried in her delicate throat, its stomach bloated from feasting on its prey.  The child let out a whimper and with one quick twist, the demon snapped her neck and dropped her to the floor with a thump.  The weird elf-looking things stopped their dancing about when they heard the noise and joined Gina and the demon in the middle of the room.

 “Angela,” Gina hissed.  “Are you finally going to come with us?”

 Angela reached for her guns, but they weren’t there and she panicked.  The little creatures started advancing on her as if they had been given some unspoken order.  She did the only thing she could do without her weapons.  She closed her eyes and screamed.

Keep an eye here for more information about Christmas Evil, including when it becomes available as well as other information following publication.


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