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This is My Body Project

by Cypher Lx on 04/30/12

30 April 2012

A friend of mine, who is also a photographer/artist/model, has started a page on Facebook called the This is My Body Project.  I love the idea behind this.  The mainstream modeling industry has made it difficult for women, and even men, to feel comfortable in their own skins.  Granted, there are some breakthroughs being made. I've seen some recent examples of actresses and models standing up for natural beauty by having photo spreads done without makeup or airbrushing.  Kudos to them!  However, there is still the unrealistic standard that real everyday girls are trying to live up to at the risk of their health.

Alternative modeling has given a more realistic version of modeling in the fact that the models are tattooed or pierced or thin or full-sized.  But there is still the issue that the models appear to be way above the average in normal beauty.  The truth of it is, there is still a good deal of makeup and photo editing involved.

So, what is the This is My Body Project?  Kitty Kat began the project for women to submit their photos with the words This is My Body written on their least favorite parts of their own body.  It took off like wild fire.  So much so, that the page has well over 11,000 followers.  Now there are men who have submitted their photos and model comparisons.  In the Model photo album, you can see the model in a professionally done photograph side by side with the way the model looks in everyday life.  I can guarantee you will be surprised at what you see.  I submitted a set of photos to Kitty Kat for the album as well.  That's how much I believe in what she is doing.

The missions statement:  This is My Body Project is an internet sensation urging people young and old, of any gender specification, to accept their bodies the way they are and hold confidence in themselves. We encourage others to do the same!

Please visit the Facebook page and 'Like' it.  Show it to someone who needs a boost of confidence.  You can find the page at .


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